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5 Apr 2018 The lattes will be made with cannabis' calming non-psychoactive, so the Seattle, will be serving grab-and-go food, coffee and soon CBD  30 May 2018 A CBD oil infused Matcha Latte from Cafe Hitchcock. offering a cannabis-infused latte at his cafe, Cafe Hitchcock, in downtown Seattle. 25 Sep 2018 touting CBD products, and according to Bon Appétit, CBD-infused lattes have CBD is just one of dozens of cannabinoids found in cannabis, including and Seattle and found that only 17 percent were accurately labeled. 19 Sep 2018 At Seattle's core, amongst other things, is coffee. Infusing the city Lattes hadn't been born yet and cold brew wasn't even a thought. As time  7 Oct 2014 Trichome, a Seattle “lifestyle store that reflects the modern stance on cannabis culture,” is paving the way in the world of marijuana-spiked  27 Jul 2018 You can also add Seattle to that (presumably) growing list. Café Hitchcock was told to stop selling its popular CBD lattes in April. Owner 

5 Apr 2018 The lattes will be made with cannabis' calming non-psychoactive, so the Seattle, will be serving grab-and-go food, coffee and soon CBD 

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3 Sep 2019 Cafe Hitchcock in downtown Seattle. Enlarge Icon Farewell to most CBD lattes and gummies in Washington state. Sep 03, 2019 at 4:56 pm 

Seattle Coffee Company was created by a husband and wife team – Ally and Scott Svenson – whose inspiration was born out of their experience of specialty coffee brands in their hometown of Seattle. They had been living in London for years, missing the Seattle way of life, and frustrated that a concept they took for granted back home was not Best CBD Oil in Washington State - Best CBD Oils Best CBD Oil in Washington State Washington State’s CBD market is among the fastest growing in the country, with a high concentration in Seattle and the city’s surrounding suburbs. While many CBD-selling shops are cannabis clinics and dispensaries, a number of walk-in head and vape shops sell premium CBD and CBD hemp oil products, as well.

At Seattle we take the artisanal approach towards the craft of coffee.

Downtown’s New Cafe Hitchcock Express Will Serve CBD - Eater McGill’s menu will involve Caffe Vita coffee and espresso, cold-pressed juices, sodas made on-site, Iggy’s Honeybrew Kombucha, and the CBD oil-infused “wellness lattes” that were recently added to the Cafe Hitchcock menu. The lattes are made with cannabis’ calming, non-psychoactive element, so these drinks can’t get customers high. The Seattle Times | Local news, sports, business, politics Local news, sports, business, politics, entertainment, travel, restaurants and opinion for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Home - Wholesale CBD Oil Seattle Washington