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Shop GoLove's CBD sex lube is water-based, soothes the body, relaxes the mind and heightens tactile sensation. Our CBD Lubricant is Organic, Latex Safe,  So I tried a CBD lube (a CBD sex oil) to see if it would help enhance my Big O. Here's why you shouldn't be afraid to bring CBD into the bedroom either. 13 Nov 2018 These CBD lubes utilize the properties of CBD to increase blood flow and heighten sensitivity to provide a more pleasurable experience. 5 Dec 2016 We tested a new CBD-infused personal lubricant that's marketed as a long-lasting silicone alternative with analgesic and anti-inflammatory  14 Nov 2019 Look no further, we've got the scoop on CBD Oil, CBD lube, CBD arousal oil and other cannabis-derived sex enhancers. This is more than 

Scented Lube: In most cases, CBD lube has no discernible smell… and of course, your vagina will NOT become high. However, some brands add ingredients to ensure their lube gives off a certain scent – it is up to each user to determine if they want their CBD lube to have any scent whatsoever.

Our CBD Lube makes it possible to relax your most intimate areas, allowing you to have more enjoyable and longer-lasting sexual encounters alone or with your partner regardless of your gender. Vaginal Atrophy and CBD Hemp Lube - CBD Keys Hemp Oil There are many ‘sex lubes’ available on the market to treat this condition, however the CBD infused options may offer the best long-term treatment as CBD works throughout the body as a whole and can result in an end to the problem altogether. CBD restores and moisturizes delicate skin, lessens inflammation and discomfort, and reduces anxiety.

I Tried "Weed Lube" and Oh My God, Yes. Author picture of Hilary It's basically weed lube, and it's glorious. Related: Why Doesn't CBD Do Anything For Me?

CaraGold CBD Lubricant – Wetlandia At the same time the water and CBD lube mixes with and compliments your natural fluids, while silicone stays separated. And if I have to be honest it actually feels far better than any silicone lube I’ve tried, because it’s thicker and it blends with my natural lubrication. It enhances my own wetness. You really do need only a small drop Dean McDermott Says He and Tori Spelling Use CBD Lube for Sex | Dean McDermott Reveals He and Tori Spelling Use CBD Lube for Sex: 'It's Amazing' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

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